Festival of Lights

Tihar means 'rows of light'. This is the colorful five-day festival of light during the glorious harvest moon season in Nepal.



First day: Day of the ill-omen-ed crow

Second day: Day of the Lowly dog, sent as a messenger by the God of Death to Earth

Third day: Worship of Goddess Laxmi, symbol of wealth and the sacred cow

Forth day: Worship of oxen, symbol of power and one's body

Fifth day: Brother-Sister blessing day


One of the most important festivals in Nepali culture, come see the traditional lightening displays and colorful Mandalas made of seeds and flowers. Participants will stay in Home stays or tents during their trek and be able to stay in fully equipped hotels in Kathmandu upon their arrival. There are several other attractions one can see while in Nepal and we will be happy to help arrange them for you.


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