Yoga Trek

" A lamp does not flicker in a place where no winds blow; so it is with a yogi, who controls his mind, intellect and self, being absorbed in the Spirit within him. When the restlessness of the mind, intellect and self is stilled through the practice of Yoga, the yogi by the grace of the Spirit within himself finds fulfillment" (Bhagavad Gita)


Come experience Yoga with the masters- where yoga is a practical aid, and not a religion. You will be guided by an experienced and patient yoga instructor who is mastered in holistic arts, and practical yoga in the most beautiful natural open air places in the world. You can also experience fresh, local, vegetarian food that your host will prepare according to the needs of your own body.


Home stays and tents are available within the communities and while you are on your trek, while fully equipped hotels are available in Kathmandu when you land. There are several other attractions in and around Kathmandu we are happy to help you arrange.


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