Botanic Trek

In CCODER's promotion of Community Tourism they have set up a second trek called the "Botanic-Trek" where you can explore the upper Gorkha region of Nepal where many holistic herbs and medicines are grown. A well-known Nepali practitioner will lead you through a practice of traditional healing, or Lama, educate you in the way of the herbs their uses and walk you through the Gorkha Ayurvedic Company, set up to support the sustainable farmers in the area.



You will stay with local Nepalese as a home stay and/or in tents through the Gorkha region, and be booked into fully equipped hotels in Kathmandu. Local porters and guides will be made available to you at your disposal.


Other attractions include:

- cultural sites around Kathmandu

-Manakamar, God of Wish, reachable by cable car

-Siddha Cave

- Gorkha Palace hilltop

- Buddhist gompa Monastery

-Barpak a Ghal community known for its famous Gorkha soldiers

among many others


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